List of issues

o Reaching the owner has been very difficult. 
o Reaching the office staff has been considerably difficult. 
o Local officials are referring all Restlawn issues to the attorney general’s office.
o Complaints have been addressed to the attorney general’s office since at least 2016 with no ruling from that office to date. (A response has been promised.)

o Pre-paid monuments have not been delivered.
o In some cases, the person who entered a complaint about the non-delivery of a marker on behalf of a loved one has since died. Now both family members are in unmarked graves, leaving others in the family to continue the complaint.
o Pre-paid vaults have not been available, requiring repurchase.
o Elements of markers, like scrolls and dates, have not been delivered.
o Coldspring monument company has confirmed to individual families that no payment for ordered markers was sent by owner.
o Getting markers installed by another route appears to be difficult and/or expensive.
o Markers damaged by workers have not been replaced or repaired.
o Elements of markers that have been stolen have not been replaced.
o Markers that are sinking have not been repositioned.

o Families have had difficulty accessing the mausoleum to place flowers.
o The mausoleum is dirty and looks and smells bad.
o Retrieving cremains to relocate to another mausoleum is difficult. 

o The ground above recent burials has sunken.
o Wreaths have been left to brown since Christmas.
o Other wreaths or decorations have been piled up like trash and left on top of graves.
o Grass was not planted over recent graves last summer.
o Grass has often been left to grow very high.
o Bushes have not been trimmed.
o Painting needs to be done.
o Gopher holes are prevalent and have not been filled in.

o Those who have made pre-need arrangements are concerned about whether their contracts will be honored.
o The awareness that Restlawn has unpaid bills at various Huron and SD businesses (beyond markers and vaults) has led to the worry that maintenance problems will become worse.