What is the status of the trust fund?

The arrival of long-awaited markers along with maintenance to the grounds and mausoleum at Restlawn is certainly welcome news.  These are things that many have been months, and in some cases years, fighting for.

While many of us rejoice with the news of progress, there is still a great deal of anxiety about the permanent endowed care fund.  Just how much, if any, money is in that fund?  At the present time, we have no way to find out.

When we deposit money in a checking, savings, money market account or the stock market we receive regular financial reports.  Yet we are never allowed to know the status of the fund at Restlawn in which we or our loved ones invested in, sometimes years ago. 

The comprehensive endowed care fund laws of Missouri require accountability and transparency.  Evidence of this is in the link below to a webpage from a Missouri cemetery that provides annual financial reports regarding the endowed care fund to the public.  It is my hope that South Dakota legislators address this issue during the next session.  South Dakotans deserve similar transparency and accountability.